How To Have A Happy Relationship Using The 80 20 Rule, Or The Pareto Principle Sue De Santo

Mike shows complete disregard for his wife and disparages her weight. Her friends try to reach Sheila by phone but get her voice mail only. This doesn’t sound like heroism to me, it sounds like being independently wealthy and possibly very interested in recreational drugs. She now understood 80 20 rule why did i get married that even if a piece of content is spectacular, it is worth virtually nothing if no one reads it. Carla deduced that perhaps her marketing of the blog was a greater problem than the blog itself. Midway through the term, the professor conducted an evaluation of the blogs.

  • One concept that has gained significant attention in recent years is the 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle.
  • I read this piece on two levels, the cultural and the personal.
  • This concept can imply that if a partner is mostly positive in their approach, they are likely to receive similar treatment from the other partner.
  • Their actions are theirs, you cannot own them, you cannot change them, you can only process them in your mind.
  • The most important fact behind the rule in marriage is the solid base it gives your relationship.

A Harvard graduate student, Carla, was working on an assignment for her digital communications class. The project was to create a blog and monitor its success during the course of a semester. Performance results of salespeople in a wide range of businesses have demonstrated success by incorporating the rule.

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The rebound relationship brought him to his knees; 20 got what they wanted; they used and abused him and moved on to their next victim. After a while, my ex came back for 80 and got his feelings hurt. I finally got blessed with someone that loves me for me and through it all. One cheating male could impregnate multiple women and leave on unable to support herself.

Or, you can take it personally and never want to date again. Otherwise, you spend all your time bogged down in your own internal issues, never getting to the 20 percent that is vital to creating a meaningful relationship. This is where I turn the 80/20 rule for relationships on its head and add my own twist.

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That said, there are so many ways to forge the gaps caused by changes in life stage. I had kids before all my close friends, and I was wary of making new pals based solely on parental status. Having a kid, after all, is something most people do — it didn’t automatically seem like a basis for a strong bond. The rule is a principle that states 80% of all outcomes are derived from 20% of causes. It’s used to determine the factors (typically, in a business situation) that are most responsible for success and then focus on them to improve results.

In this case, I’m more interested in finding out what my partner’s strengths and weaknesses are. This makes your relationship more fulfilling, especially from your spouse’s point of view. You’ll soon find out that applying the rule can be beneficial to your marriage. When you expect your spouse to meet her 50% portion, you’re not giving your relationship sufficient room to grow. I would give anything to remain in this state of effortless cohesion with my partner.

There’s Still Overwhelming Cultural Pressure to Get Married and Have Kids

This can lead to feelings of frustration, disappointment, and even questioning the decision to marry. Often times, some of the biggest challenges stem from people entering into a relationship to solely get something out of it. People want to find someone who’s going to make them feel good and there’s nothing wrong with that but only if it’s the sole goal.

  • Though this concept can have different meanings for different couples, the goal is the same.
  • The principle states that just 20% of your effort leads to 80% of your results.
  • The rule is a principle that states 80% of all outcomes are derived from 20% of causes.
  • Over time, this principle has been applied to various fields, including marriage.
  • Until you realize that those things, don’t lead to a happy marriage or relationship.
  • Viewed in this way, it might be advantageous for a company to focus on the 20% of clients that are responsible for 80% of revenues and market specifically to them.
  • Try to reach the root cause of little annoyances and identify what all can be done to remove them.

But by applying the principle in your relationship, you can give more and take less. Offer your support without expecting anything in return. The problem with approaching your relationship with this mentality is that you will forever be unsatisfied with your partner. Unrealistic expectations are often a sign of a lack of emotional maturity in a relationship.